Orthodontic Treatment and Its Major Benefits

Orthodontic Treatment-Braces

The benefits of orthodontic treatment are not limited to achieving a beautiful million-dollar smile. Braces also help improve your overall health. Advanced Dental clinics in Bangalore strongly recommend orthodontic treatment because of the benefits it offers. In this article, we’re going to look at choosing an orthodontic treatment and its some major benefits. Jaw alignment […]

How Do I Choose a Good Cosmetic Dentist?

Choosing good cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is all about the perfect, healthy smile. And when it comes to your smile, you have to trust the person who is taking care of you. Choosing the wrong Dentist can lead to embarrassment, pain, or maybe even trauma. You can find many cosmetic dentists in Bangalore. But you need to know how […]

Zirconia vs PFM? Which is a better crown?

ZIRCONIA-VS-PFM, which is a better crown?

Zirconia vs PFM? Crowns are available in several special kinds of materials, and it’s far regularly hard to perceive which one could be perfect for your specific situation. We’d like to try to solve these variations and discover which substances have a wonderful benefit over the other.  The question here is zirconia better than porcelain? […]

Full mouth Dental Implant from an experienced oral surgeon

Full mouth dental implant from experienced surgeon

Full mouth Dental Implant from an experienced oral surgeon When teeth are missing,  your self-esteem decreases, eating simple foods becomes a challenge for many of us, and may notice changes in our facial expressions that make us look older than our actual age. People who are missing all or more teeth due to a serious […]