Orthodontics is the first specialty of dentistry that relates to the study and treatment of malocclusions-improper bites that arise due to tooth irregularities and Disproportionate jaw relationships.

Orthodontic treatment not only focuses on dental displacement but can also deal with Dentofacial Orthopaedics – the control and modification of facial growth.

ORTHODONTIC THERAPY is a Dental treatment for irregular teeth, enhancing a person’s smile that may be disfigured due to bad teeth proportions. Using a Brace improves the smile and thus improving self-confidence in return.

Braces and Aligners

Chew Better: More than just cosmetics, they help a person chew food better thus preventing the ill effects of undigested food leading to other complications.

Age Factor: There is no definitive age for putting on braces. The best time is 8 to 14yrs, however, braces can be applied till the age of maximum.

Pain: Soreness may happen in the first few days of brace therapy which reduces subsequently either naturally or with a regular pain killer.

Talking: Braces usually does not affect how a person talks or affects the tone of a person’s voice.

Playing: Most kinds of games are allowed, as long as the person with braces is careful not to fall or come in contact with a facial impact. Wearing a mouth guard would be of help. Avoid contact sports like boxing, wrestling, karate, etc.

Eating: Moderate or reduce on hard food substances, sticky, gooey, or crunchy foods, Caramel, taffy, peanut brittle, carrots and apples, and hard rolls can stick on your braces and pull the braces off your teeth. Otherwise, everything else is fine.